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In BABA BALRAJ PANJAB UNIVERSITY CONSTITUENT COLLEGE we provide disabled friendly campus and classrooms

To provide wheelchair-accessible classrooms with appropriate height of desk along with utilisation area for people with mobility problems, AICTE, through the manual,
has stated that a minimum of two to five per cent of the seating in classrooms should be made accessible to accommodate students with limited mobility or persons using wheelchairs.

Tables must be between 0.7 metre and 0.8 metre high, with at least 0.6 metres of knee clearance to
accommodate students in wheelchairs, and door width should be minimum 0.90 metres for convenient entry for persons using wheelchair, it says.

To tackle the problem of poorly designed steps that hinder foot movement and steep staircases without handrails, it stipulates all steps in one flight should be uniform, and steps should be 15 to 18 cm high and not less than 28 cm deep. At least every 15 steps, landings should be provided to assist people who cannot manage long staircases.

Again for inaccessible building entrances due to difference between indoor and outdoor levels or lack of or improper design of ramps, the manual stipulates that landings must be provided for resting, manoeuvering and avoiding excessive speeds.